Manuel Strehl (boldewyn)
This is the translation effort for, a website dedicated to all things Unicode and characters. We’re looking for contributors! If you’d like to help translate, get in touch. We look forward to see you.

How to contact us: Crowdin user: send a message to user boldewyn. Github user: open a feature request for a new translation at If you just want to jump in, talk to us via or
Needs Translation:
Translate to Arabic language
translated: 0%
Translate to Chinese Simplified language
Chinese Simplified
translated: 2%
Translate to French language
translated: 0%
Translate to Polish language
translated: 98%
Translate to Russian language
translated: 3%
Translate to Spanish language
translated: 27%
Translated, but Needs to be Voted:
Translate to German language
approved: 99%
Source language:


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